Friday, 9 September 2011

Natural make-up tutorial

Hey there, I am very excited to be doing my first make-up tutorial :]
I hope you enjoy , and try :D

Theme: Natural

Step 1: Clear all make-up
Step 2: Put some mascara around the tip of the eyes.
Using volumizing mascara from dot.
Step 3: Do the same but with black eye kohl from dot. This will darken the eye.
Step 4: Use some sunset gold eyeshadow from dot around the inner corner of the eye, this will make a natural look.
Step 5: Get some russet orange eye dust and go across the tip of the eye, to get a darker orange, and make it natural.
Step 6: Get some luxe lipgloss (the clear one) and go over your lips to make them look shiny and beautiful. (TIP: Make sure you don't use that then put a coloured one on because it won't show up, or the other way around.)

This total makeover costs : $61.OO , I know this may be a lot, but if you have the money, its great.



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